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The Omwana House Orphanage has brought new life to children that were almost hopeless
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Parental Care Ministries - "The Fathers Love In Action"
Published by in The Father's Love in Action · 29 March 2020
The Power of a Dreamer

Back in the years, this placard could have felt like a funny joke, - a simple display. At Parental Care Ministries; we have living manifests of what the Lord can do! The gentleman in the picture above came to PCM like all of the other children that join us, - Without hope for a better day!

Today we declare in glory of the Lord, that the placard statement has become a reality, before you is the picture of a child that was without hope. Today, we are glad to say that your support has transformed many like him. A pastor he is; Proclaiming the word of the Lord, Comforting lost souls and discipling them to the Lord, Multiplying the seed of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Joseph in the Bible was a dreamer, but his brothers took him for a joker and dispised him, BUT LOOK, Look where his dreams made him go - To Govern a foreign Land, The land of the mighty Egyptians.

Today, we stand in pride to say THANK YOU, your support continues to do amazing things. To donate to Parental Care Ministries, please follow this link.

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